Roast beef Ohno

How to enjoy Roast Beef Don

Roast Beef Don is a fantastic choice to remember a trip with family with; to celebrate finding a job with friends with; to enjoy on a date organized by friends; and/or as a reward to yourself for working so hard...!The ever-so-slightly luxurious Roast Beef Don... If you have the opportunity to eat it, then make the very most of it by eating it in our recommended way! Here are the eating recommendations from our branch manager!

Begin by enjoying the delicious meat 'naked', with only the “Ohno Special Sauce” poured onto it.
You can pierce the egg and allow the delicious yolk juices to envelope the meat as and when you wish.

Next, try the meat without any sauce at all - simply reach for the rock salt on your table and sprinkle onto the meat as desired. The umami (Japanese savoury taste) will no doubt be doubled!

Finally, add the condiments from your accompanying two side plates to your remaining slices of meat. The refreshing spiciness of wasabi will no doubt whet your appetite even further!What's more - the rich cream cheese will also deliciously melt in your mouth.