Roast beef Ohno

Committed to great taste

The secret behind deliciously luxurious roast beef lies with great quality ingredients and expert care.Simply having great ingredients does not result in deliciously tender roast beef.Rest assured that all cuisine served at Roast Beef Ohno is safe and secure – so much so that we have even featured in overseas media! Allow us to now reveal what makes our Roast Beef Don so delicious!

Slowly cooked via a special machine for over 7-hours

Roast beef Ohno serves dozens of kilograms of meat in any 1 day.Each piece of meat is slowly cooked for 7-hours via a special machine located inside the restaurant itself. The freshly-cooked meat is then cooled in the refrigerator overnight to allow it to mature at a low-temperature.

This delicious meat is then cut to the size of the board before being quickly grilled at a high-temperature to prevent the umami (Japanese savoury taste) from escaping. These delicious chunks of tender roast beef are then individually sliced.A unique umami and texture is achieved through cooking beef via this slow cooking method.

Individually sliced upon order

Each piece of roast beef in the Roast Beef Don is sliced upon order with the special slicing machine. The special slicing machine applies the same force and speed to each and every slice; ensuring every cut is uniform. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to see the skill and craftsmanship involved in making the roast beef of Roast Beef Ohno!

Thorough hygiene management

Good hygiene practised on a daily basis is vital for ensuring all dishes served are delicious. Not only does Roast Beef Ohno always pursue a clean and hygienic environment, but we also ensure to clean our cooking appliances every time they are used. Practising strict hygiene like this also reassures customers from overseas who are unsure about eating raw meat.