Roast beef Ohno

Aims of Roast Beef Ohno

Enjoy a slightly more luxurious dish than usual via our rice topped with roast beef (Roast Beef Don).We are thoroughly committed to providing delicious cuisine in a comfortable, relaxing environment to ensure all customers leave with fantastic memories to look back upon.

A kuroge wagyu specialty restaurant – we impress like nowhere else!

Roast beef was once a luxurious delicacy which took due time and effort to prepare.

It was a special treat only to be enjoyed during special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. With time, roast beef came to be found in supermarkets and the food halls of department stores. We can even see it making more and more of an appearance in restaurant menus.

But the problem came when we tried to think of what was the most delicious roast beef available. Nothing immediately sprung to mind.

Roast Beef Ohno was established with the aim of becoming a roast beef specialty restaurant which served the best roast beef ever tasted.

Roast Beef Ohno wishes to ensure that all customers can have an unforgettable experience – not merely just enjoy a tasty meal.In order to achieve this, we only stock ingredients which guarantee a delicious taste.

This is why we only stock Japanese kuroge wagyu beef of A4 rank or higher.All sauces and trimmings, etc., are also carefully handmade on a daily basis.

The meat at Roast Beef Ohno is cooked at a low-temperature for over 7-hours to achieve the breath-taking tenderness the restaurant is proud of.Each slice of the melt-in-your-mouth roast beef is sliced individually via a special machine. The size and flavour will no doubt impress!

The Roast Beef Don of Roast Beef Ohno is an ever-so-slightly luxurious dish consisting of top quality ingredients - no corners are ever cut with regards to cost. Roast Beef Ohno aims to exceed customer expectations in terms of both taste and service through delivering extraordinarily delicious cuisine which feels like a treat!